The Lay of the Land - Track One Agenda

In order to tackle the rise in digital and digitally-facilitated sexual exploitation and sex crimes against children, including sexting and sextortion, we need to share the lay in the land. This includes an overview of the global, national and regional law enforcement agencies charged with addressing these crimes. It includes an overview of the laws tht get in the way of protecting children and those that protect them.It includes an analysis of current trends, the human cost of end-to-end encryption and snapshots of the problem.

After you have learned the scope of the issue, understood the definitions, seen the history and trends of digital child exploitation, you'll be ready for Track Two - The Human Cost where those impacted by this horrible crime share their insights, their losses and the realities.

Vinton Cerf, the Father of the Internet Opens the Summit


Parry is an Internet privacy and security lawyer and global expert in cybersafety, children online and cybercrime. She is the founder and Executive Director of The Cybersafety Group, host of this virtual summit.


jon rouse.jpg

Jon Rouse is among the leading law enforcement officers in the world tackling digital crimes against children. Australia's 2019 Man of the Year, Jon is a leading voice in this field.


john pizzuro.jpg

John is a 24-yr New Jersey State Police officer and the Commander of the Regional New Jersey Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC).


Parry Aftab conducted most of the interviews and sessions with the global leaders contributing their expertise to help us deliver this important resource. Her opening and closing remarks will appear shortly.

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Rick Lane is a policy and government relations advisor. he is also the CEO of Iggy Ventures, LLC a start-up and tech innovator.


john edwards.jpg

John is the Privacy Commissioner for New Zealand and a longtime cyber- and privacy lawyer.


susan mclean.jpg

Susan is a former law enforcement officer in Australia and now among the leading cybersafety experts in the world. She founded and runs Cyber Safety Solutions.


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Allan is the Canadian Head of Country for The Cybersafety Group and founder of The Child Safety Research and Innovation Centre in Canada.




Hossam is an Associate Professor of criminal investigations for the Dubai Police Academy.

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Neil is the Chief of the United Nation's cybercrimes operations, UNODC. Before joining the UN, Neil investigated crimes against children for many years in Northern Ireland.



Andrew is the President-Elect 2020 for Hawaii's Infraguard Membership Group and a cybersecurity expert and co-founder of Integrated Security Technologies.

bob shilling.jpg


Robert Shilling (Bob to his friends), has decades of law enforcement leadership experience, first at Seattle police and later as the chief of Interpol's crimes Against Children unit.

nicole stephensen.jpg


Nicole is The Privacy Guru and the Cybersafety Group's Head of County for Australia. She pulled together a diverse and powerful panel to discuss the lay of the land downunder on child protection.

Bob's personal story of being victimized by his grandfather when he was young may be hard to hear, but is compelling. He is a hero, helping bring home 4500+ abducted and molested children worldwide.

Brad Flanagan and Colin Anson joined Nicole on the panel. Malcolm Crompton was unable to fully-join the panel because of connection issues. He later shot a new one-to-one interview with Nicole for Track Three.